Feb 15, 2011

SprayFoam Etc completes Insulation / Corrosion Control Project for West Virginia Mining Company.

We were called to provide solution to a corrosion problem for the buildings used to power wash the mining trains prior to them entering the service station.  This process is highly corrosive and destroyed the previous buildings supports.

This time of year it is very cold in the region so it was necessary to raise the temperature of the rinse building.   So after power washing the entire interior, we set up large heaters and industrial fans.

Since it was a new steel framed and paneled building, we first had to prepare the surface of the metal which typically has an oily residue. Upon completing our necessary site specific protection, we applied an Intrumescent Wash Primer by Sherwin Williams using a Graco Airless Sprayer.

After letting this dry overnight, we then applied a two inch average thickness of InsulTek 700-2.0 lb foam.  This product is specially formulated for our sister company Foam & Coating Systems.  Being that there no flat surfaces, we did our very best to promote a aesthetically pleasing look and we were excited to use our newest self contained spray rig for this project which contains a Graco  E30 Reactor Proportioner.

Once foam was applied, it was time to protect the foam.  This was done using the very same equipment to spray another specialty product manufactured for our sister company. This was our Coating Tek H100 Polyurea which we had tinted and at the request of our customer and applied to a wet 50 mils.

The  project was a complete success with no cost over runs, delays or injuries.   Our clients were very pleased and also agreed to use our services for their other buildings when the need arises.